Why Loyalty Programs ?

In a world of ever-increasing business competition and intense fight for marketshare, it is obvious that organizations that will succeed will be those that get more customer-centric in their approach.

Effectively run Customer Loyalty Programs help businesses build and manage customer data, monitor customer buying patterns, understand customer preferences and eventually improve customer service levels. Which in turn results in increase in business.


Dashboard & Interface

The Dashboard with its simple UI allows businesses access to monitoring KPIs across the enterprise - Customer enrolments, Sales, volume of transactions etc. – very effectively.

Database Management

Database Management is key whether you are managing your Customers’ / Dealers’/ Distributors’ data. Our software solution easily allows you to store, retrieve and organize this.

Rewards Engine

Tracking & Rewarding your customer's reward points have never been this easy. With just a few easy clicks, Track. Perform. Grow. Expand..


Web & Mobile Flexibility

With us your business is on the go and accessible from anywhere for you to monitor and access. We provide Web & Mobile Application for your Loyalty Solution.

Campaign Management

Create and send Campaigns to all or select customers in the database. Acquire new customers using the Promo Code feature and track effectiveness of the campaign.

Business Analytics

Analyze data and generate powerful and insightful reports based on data from across all locations/stores or even a single one.

Why Choose Us?

Our software solutions help organizations build and manage customer data, configure and automate their own Customer Loyalty / Rewards Programs and effectively analyze customer data.
This is how we do it.


We have Cloud-based SaaS offerings for the smallest mom-and-pop stores as well as larger establishments, at costs that are easy…well, really easy, on the pocket!
It's Simple yet Powerful.

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We offer simple, easy-to-use yet powerful, scalable software and affordable, easy-to-implement solutions. If your business grows – like all good businesses should – our software will keep pace without missing a beat!

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Over the years, we have also gained a rich vein of experience and domain knowledge in the field of Garment/Apparel Manufacturing which has resulted in capability to implement customized ERP and Retail PoS software.

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To offer software solutions that are simple, scalable and sophisticated.

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